Terms Of Use


Document Data Dictionary:

Following are some of the data terms defined in detail for the purpose of informing the user about their intended meaning.

Website/Company - Means the domain name or the enterprise it belongs to, e.g. “ewritingpal.com”

Customer/Client - Person who is availing services by placing orders via the website.

Product - The final outcome, which the user/customer/consumer is receiving after ordering through the website. It can be any research document or advice/consultation you receive from the service providers.

Order - Any particular service carried out according to the specified procedure, required by the user/customer/consumer of the domain/website/company, e.g., “ewritingpal.com” for which they are paying.

Content - Any piece of information that is of some use to the end-user, described in textual, tabular, image, audio, or video form is called content. It is noteworthy that the content here includes the information related to the client’s account, order and service-related information, but is not restricted to it.

General Policy:
  • The content provided is intended exclusively for research and is for the purpose of referencing and personal use. The failure of a user to interpret or understand the material covered via our services is not the responsibility of the organization.
  • The user is advised not to rely on the content available on this website because the website conserves the right of being the owner of that content and can delete it without informing the users. In this context, the website is not liable to inform the user beforehand.
  • The user is not allowed to submit any content that they bought through the website to any educational, teaching or testing organization as their own property or creation in any condition whatsoever.
  • By clicking on SUBMIT ORDER or transacting payment of an order, the user is agreeing to use the end product provided by the website solely for non-commercial and personal use. All of the content is drafted by the experts hired by the service provider thus making the content property (with all rights and authority) of the company itself. All the services/products are non-refundable and include no warranties, expressed, or implied.
  • As mentioned earlier, the content provided by the website is solely for research and personal use. Therefore, the final grade of any client can’t be assured.
  • The company does not bear responsibility for any delay in the processing of an order caused because of insufficient details. Therefore, the clients are requested to provide clear instructions in a timely manner.
Site Content Usage

Visiting our website ‘eWritingPal’ is purely a matter of customer consent. Any privacy issues in this regard are subjected to our terms stated within this document. Visitors are welcome to contact us at eWritingPal as per their convenience, whenever they have any query regarding anything about the Term of Use. It will be an honor for our customer services to cater all their concerns satisfactorily. Since our policies are prone to periodic changes and adjustments; customers are recommended to view the policy every time they visit our site before any type of purchases.


Unless otherwise intimated, every single object present on this website (such as images, designs, illustrations, photographs, icons, written material, multimedia content, etc.) is the exclusive property owned by this company and guarded by international copyright laws. Similarly, the trademark items present on our website are owned by their respective companies or their subsidiaries, and it is illegal to use them in any way without the consent of respective companies.

Best Price

Services offered on our website are best priced, just like our exclusive free features. We charge discounted prices for our services, and if a customer finds any website offering these exclusivities cheaper than us, they will be awarded 10% additional discount. Furthermore, once a customer capitalizes any of our promotional discount deals, they become ineligible for other discounts, such as the Membership Discount and the Bulk Order Discount.

Limitation of Liability

Customers concur that whatever the case may be, the company shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever (direct or indirect) as a consequence of any sort of use/misuse or performance of this particular website (including its products/services), even if the customers are warned earlier of possibility of such damages. Furthermore, customers agree to the fact that by no means shall the company be liable in case there is a raise in the fee paid up to a certain time.

User's Discretion
  • Customers have a thorough understanding that the services we provide are on “as is” & “as available” basis and using them is solely at their own discretion and risk. Our company, its subsidiaries, licensors, and affiliates, by no means, represent or warrant to any of our customers that:
  • Using our services will fulfill their requirements,
  • Using our services will serve them in totally uninterrupted, secure, timely & error free manner,
  • Any information escorted to them by means of using our services will be unquestionably prefect or reliable.
  • Customers explicitly understand that any damage or malfunction to their computer system as a result of using our services (or downloading any other material from our website) is solely at their own discretion and risk and the company shall not bear any responsibility in such a scenario. The same holds true for any type of data loss from their computer systems.
  • No information or advice (in written, oral, or any other form) that customers get from the company (through any medium) holds any type of warranty not explicitly stated in the terms here.
  • Although we display content on our site for the explanatory purpose; some of the information presented here may not be true. Such information displayed on this website is to serve the purpose of guiding the users and helping them in understanding our services in a better way.
  • We don’t retain the work done for the clients for longer than 2 years. Any requests for the retrieval of orders after the specified period will not be entertained.